Claim Compensation After a Motorbike Accident

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Statistically, the main cause of death in motorcycle accidents is to bikers’ vital organs. Access Legal News.

Riders involved in motorbike accidents are 40 times more likely to be killed or injured than car drivers or passengers.

The recent introduction of the airbag jacket aims to protect bikers’ vital organs, neck and spine, over and above the level a normal jacket would.

Most bike accidents end with motorcyclist and motorbike parting company, with the rider making their own way down the street.

So it was decided that an effective airbag had to be mounted on the rider, not the motorcycle.   The aim is to cushion the initial blow when the rider hits the road and to continue to offer protection as the rider continues to make contact with the road, which can be for some time. See this video for a demonstration of the airbag jacket in action

80% of motorbike accidents are caused by the negligence of someone else and riders can consider making a claim for compensation for personal injury or loss.

Access Legal are lawyers who have a specialist motorbike accident claims team that can give advice about collecting evidence and making a claim for compensation and help bikers recover damages from third parties.

Etihad Security Approval Granted

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Etihad Airways has been granted security approval to fly to the USA from the new terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Passengers can now fly to Chicago and New York with First and Business class check-in and lounges available at the new terminal 3 facility.

Etihad already flies to a number of destinations around the world with flights to the UK particularly competitive with European carriers due in part to the support they get from the state. They have completed a number of codeshare arrangements as well, allowing passengers to fly with different airlines on just one ticket.

Etihad are also well known for their levels of comfort, especially on long haul flights to Australia – even economy (Coral) class has features such as one of the most comfortable seats you will find in economy class anywhere, with adjustable head and foot rests, connections to fit most plug types, an E-BOX entertainment system and mood lighting.

UK Holiday – Take the Train, Hire a Car and Go Camping

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A while ago we discussed a driving holiday in Spain and suggested some family attractions to visit in Costa Blanca.  However with the prospect of a glorious summer in the UK we think that many people are reconsidering their holiday options.

UK Holiday

Recent reports of the stagnant economy are forcing more and more families to consider taking their summer holiday in the UK – or to give it a funky name a Staycation.  Hard up families are beginning to explore the wonders of camping and are discovering that a camping holiday can actually be a relaxing comfortable healthy experience.  For those who insist on luxury but at affordable prices glamping is all the rage – no need to buy and pack the most important items such as tents and sleeping bags – they are already waiting for you when you arrive at the site.

Many glamping resorts have opened up in the South West in the hope of attracting visitors from Europe as well as the UK.  In fact the tourist industries of Devon and Cornwall have ironically benefited from the squeeze on the economy and are expecting to attract visitors who are keen to lower their carbon footprints and enjoy the seaside and beach life that the South West is famous for.

Run to the Sun

Depending on how far you expect to travel a staycation can rack up an eye-watering fuel bill as well as wear and tear on your family car – a vist from London to St Ives is not only tiring but is close to 800 miles round trip.  Families are once again the delights of travelling by train – exploring the benefits of family railcards that simplify the cost of journies

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The beauty of glamping is the provision of all necesary camping equipment so make sure you find out what you actually only need to take to avoid duplication.

Hire a car

Without the palavar or need to pack and carry camping equipment with you an thought from the shelf is to consider using local UK car hire companies and arrange to pick up a hire car at the station when you arrive – relaxed and rested from a fast, cool comfortable train journey. A short drive to your location and you will find everyting waiting for you – a tent ready erected, decent beds and essential camping equipment.

When you think about it the average family only uses a car to make a few visits to local attractions and for shopping trips so why clock up all that mileage and gallons of fuel to simply have the occasional use of your own car.  Hiring a car makes sense.

Save money, have fun and enjoy your staycation in the UK.

Cheddar Gorge

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PhotobucketCheddar Gorge, one of the most spectacular places to visit in South West England – home of pasties. Situated above the rural village of Cheddar, Cheddar Gorge is Britain’s largest gorge, whilst the Cheddar Yeo in Gough’s Cave is Britain’s biggest underground river, and the Gorge Cliffs are Britain’s highest inland limestone cliffs.

I had the pleasure of visiting Cheddar Gorge not too long ago for a day out. Although I don’t live too far away, I’d never actually been before. The views from the cliff top footpath is breathtaking, I don’t think that even a Freelander could descend the slopes safely. The Cheddar Cheese visitor centre is another feature well worth a visit, they still make the famous cheese there and you can watch the process from start to finish.

I would definitely recommend it as a day out, or even just driving through the gorge is amazing. If you’re of a mind to do some Freelander off-roading, I doubt you’d get very far, but you might have fun trying!

Virgin Galactic Uncovers Launch System

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Virgin Galactic has released final designs of the launch system that is to be used in its commercial venture to put fare paying passengers into space. When the project is completed in 2010 passengers will be able to experience up to six minutes of weightlessness for a cost of around £100,000.

Unveiled at the American Museum of Natural History, the model of SpaceShipTwo is the vehicle that will take passengers 62 miles above the earth, with test flights already scheduled for later this year.

The main aim of designers in test flights is to ensure the safety of the system after three people were killed when a tank of nitrous oxide exploded in a test of SpaceShipTwo’s propellant system.

Will Whitehorn, president of Branson’s space-tourism company, Virgin Galactic, said “construction on the White Knight Two is more than 70 percent complete.”

When completed SpaceShipTwo will be carried by its carrier WhiteKnightTwo, where it will be launched mid-flight carrying six passengers and two crew. The craft will drop from the twin cabin high altitude jet which can also double as a space tourist training craft.

WhiteKnightTwo itself has a wingspan of 140ft and is built to handle unmanned rockets, and is capable of launching small payloads such as satellites into orbit. The SpaceShipTwo itself is based upon the X-Prize winning SpacShipOne concept, a rocket ship that was launched in flight before blasting skywards.

“I think it’s very important that we make a genuine commercial success of this project, if we do, I believe we’ll unlock a wall of private sector money into both space launch systems and space technology” Richard Branson said on his latest commercial venture

So far Virgin Galactic has already taken 200 prospective bookings from 30 countries accounting for millions of dollars already being on the books.

Virgin Galactic is just one of several companies aiming to offer space trips in the near future. Competitors include the entrepreneur of Jeff Bezos who has his own scheme, as does the Paypal founder, Elon Musk. Even Europe’s EADS Astrium, the company that coordinates the manufacture of the Ariane 5 rocket, is developing a commercial suborbital ship.

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