Charity Pool Party – Swimwear Fashion Show

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The Shelf was delighted when our invitations to our favourite charity’s Annual Skimpy Clothes Exhibition arrived – Dress Code – minimal – and after weeks of anticipation we finally joined the tanned and toned at this splendid charity event.

Charity Swimwear Show

No not tatty second hand clothes picked up from high street charity shops – but glamourous haute couture of sizzling swimwear.

Fundraising has never been so much fun

In these days of global awareness charities are thinking of more and more creative ways to raise money that don’t compromise their own objectives.  Many high profile organisations are quite right to disassociate themselves with professional fundraising events that serve to profit from fundraisers who are looking to be funded by the sponsorship money they collect to take part in some jolly event that takes their fancy. For example it wouldn’t look too good for a charity that is working to help those suffering the effects of climate change and global warming to have fundraisers stamp a massive carbon footprint by arranging a day flying a plane to perform a ‘charity’ parachute jump.

Swimwear fashion show

In this instance the theme of global warming was highlighted by the need for swimwear and sun protection as the temperatures rise.

Laughter a plenty when the opening model was a Borat look-a-likey sporting a eye-wateringly tight mankini followed by Bruno in lemon shorts and a knotted handkerchief – high camp beside the seaside.

Then followed the professional models demonstrating the latest swimwear designs – and golly they were stunning – like sitting in on a live Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video shoot.

During the interval free smaples of P20 sunfilter were handed out as a timely reminder that many sun cream products fail to adequately protect fair skin from intense.

The second half of the show was an opportuunity to showcase even mor revealing swimming costumes and beach style sexy lingerie – by the time the curtain drew the event to a closr the assembled audience were in rapture.

We at the Shelf are now considering switching our following of the mighty spurs and football to an all together more pleasing sport – beach volleyball.

Don’t Panic – Christmas is coming!

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Eagle eyed Pasty Muncher – an early subscriber and occasional commenter on The Shelf (we’ve still yet to answer the question he asked at the beginning of January) suggested that the Smart Pants which measured the wearers blood pressure we revealed would be an ideal Valentine gift for a lover to give the man in their lives and suggested they be re-branded ‘Smart Heart Pants’.

Valentines Day is a long way off, so too is Christmas but it has been noted on some shopping information sites that the 7th Wonder of the Shopping World – Trago Mills already has full Christmas displays on show beating their record of last year when a shelves were brimming with Christmas goodies well before the schools returned after the summer holidays.

Every year chaps are forced into panic buying Christmas presents at the last minute and every year our other (and often considerably better) half’s smugly remind us how they had completed the present buying task way back in October. So it is time to make early preparations.

A couple of items caught my eye on a price comparison site which I think may be ideal gifts – who could not feel the pride whilst wearing a Spurs shirt signed by Gazza or at very least appreciate slipping into bed under a stylish Spurs emblazoned luxury duvet cover?

They say Christmas gets earlier every year but I, like The Wizard, wish it could be Christmas every day.

Luka Modric to Spurs for £16.5 million

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Without any football news The Shelf couldn’t quiet live up to its name, so today we discuss the new signing of Luka Modric from Dinamo Zagreb by Tottenham Hotspur.

Equalling their club record transfer fee set last summer when Darren Bent signed from Charlton, Tottenham have signed Croatian midfield play maker Luka Modric for a fee of £16.5 million on a six year deal that is subject to a work permit being granted.

Signed from Dinamo Zagreb Luka Modric was born in 1985, and at the ripe age of 23 Spurs certainly have the best six years of his career yet to come. For his former club he last year picked up a parallel award with the premier leagues ‘Player of the Year’.

More accustomed to a central midfield role Modric had been playing in a wide left position for his former club showing a versatility that is much needed at the Lane.

Internationally Modric has represented Croatia at under 17, 19 and 21 levels and now figures as an integral part of Slaven Bilic Croatian plans. Playing along side Arsenals Eduardo, Portsmouth’s Niko Kranjcar and Vedren Corluka of Manchester City, Modric is one of a crop of talented young playing emerging in the Croatian national team.

The national team qualified for the European Championships by topping their qualification group Croatia also played a helping hand in ending England’s Euro 2008 qualification, beating them twice including a 3-2 victory at Wembley in the final qualification game.

Due to appear in Group B alongside hosts Austria, tournament favourites Germany and Poland the international credentials of Modric will be put to the test, and the Euro finals could well prove a looking glass as to what to expect form him in the Premier League next season.

A Tribute to Martin Jol

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It is another sad day to be a spurs fan. As if our underachieving start to the season wasn’t good enough with only one league win in ten, last nights manor in which Martin Jol was axed as head coach and then left in charge for one final UEFA cup match was nothing short of embarrassing.

Now as an avid Spurs fan I am not saying that Jol should not have been sacked, but more the manor in which things have unfolded over the last couple of months that have concerned me. The ways in which the club have acted recently and the dignified way in which Jol has continually reacted, has meant that regardless of the lacklustre performances this season Jol can leave with his head held high and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club looking rather sheepish.

It was as far back as August that that the club were spotted meeting Seville coach Juande Ramos, and with the club touting his position in such ways his position at the club has always been in jeopardy. This can only serve to undermine his authority in the dressing room which has only been seen in public bust ups with several key players.

Whilst publicly backing Jol at the same time this grooming another of Europe’s most promising coaches, the club maintained that Jol would be given time. In my opinion the damage had already been done, and although the club had been caught with their pants down should then have made the replacement as Jol was a dead man walking from this point.

I must however question the ethics of a club I have loved for years, investing £40 million pounds in Jol’s team over the summer to be phased out in August. I personally think that although he was a fans favourite after steering the club to consecutive fifth place premier league finishes (a club first) Jol was due for the boot a long time before August. The Tottenham board clearly had an agenda to fill and the believed that Jol wasn’t the man to deliver which was reflected in some big money summer signings that Jol didn’t agree with Damien Comolli (Director of football) over.

I look back to matches against Seville and Chelsea away last season where the board could have seen tactical weaknesses in Jol’s managerial style begin to appear, but I am not disputing his floors, yes he had them, but it is the events which culminated in the news of Jol’s departure being leaked during an important European game that I am most upset about.

The fans reacted in the only way they could with a standing ovation for the man for the man who has the highest league win ratio of any previous manager over his three years at the club, delivered two fifth place finishes, and put Spurs back on the European map. What was clearly meant to be a match where Jol could go out in a blaze of glory in front of the home fans who adore him clearly backfired as we lost miserably 2-1 to Getafe.

In my view Jol’s departure was a result of the boards need for quick returns on the money spent this summer, and with a top four finish looking bleaker by the week they became ever more impatient. Jol should have been given time to turn the season around, but this was impossible due to the clubs own sabotage through the meeting of Ramos and his role at the club became untenable. As a result man whose record should have bought him more time to turn things around was axed.

I look forward to Blackburn with Clive Allen and Alex Inglethorpe at the helm, although it would not surprise me if Ramos was in place soon after.

Martin Jol at Spurs

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The next Spurs trip is planned, and currently we have a bus of 14 travelling up to the lane to watch the home fixture vs. Blackburn on the 27th October. With the current goings on a Tottenham I am not looking forward the match as I have done in the past, and our start to the season does not fill me full of confidence in getting a result.

The last trip was to Derby at home, where two early Steed Malbranque goals set up a thrilling 4-0 win, the biggest win I had seen at the Lane. The trip acted as a pilot run, as we have a plan to make the trip to the Lane several times this season. As it turns out the minibus was easily booked and costs were kept low between the ten of us that travelled that day.

On the trip to watch Spurs vs. Derby we had planned to stay in a bed and breakfast in North London so there was no rush back and we could make a complete day of it. We used
Trusted Places to look up a suitable bed and breakfast in North London so that we didn’t have the hassle of finding one once we had arrived in the capital. Having only ever stayed with relatives, I was unfamiliar with places that a group of us would be able to stay but through Trusted Places this was soon rectified.

After the success of this trip we were eager to plan another, and after booking the tickets as soon as the club released them on general sale, we hear less than a week later that Mr Jol may not even be in charge for the fixture. Lately there have been a string of managers linked with his position at Tottenham, Ramos, Lippi and most recently Jose himself. As a Spurs fan I think the back door grooming of managers by the club that has been going on lately is unfair on Mr Jol.

People forget he has delivered two fifth place finishes in two seasons, unprecedented for Tottenham in the premier league. Now that we get somewhere near the right track we want to replace him from as early as the second game of the season. People forget the run of fixtures we opened with and the fact we started the season with £100 million of talent on the injury table.

All I can say is that I hope Martin Jol is in charge for our next trip, giving him a proper chance to turn the clubs season around. After all I love Martin Jol, Martin Jol loves me. :)

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