Smartphones and their influence in the buying process

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The impact of smartphones and their influence in the buying process

Ok I have been trying to overcome this problem at work, racking my brain for ideas, but nothing seems to be working! How do you join your clicks to your bricks?

I am sure there is a solution to the problem out there, somewhere? I just can’t land on it! I voice my ideas at work and talk through them but I always seem to be running into the same reoccurring issues.

For example a typical buying process:

A potential customer decides they would like to purchase some new furniture. (This would generally be a high costing purchase and will probably require a few days or even weeks of thinking about). Imagine the interest was sparked by product research on a smartphone; the customer came across an attractive product on a shopping comparison site and was directed to your website. Maybe they had a quick look but then went back to comparison site to make sure they were getting the best product for the money?

Path to Purchase

The customer has now some idea of what they may like to purchase.

The next day the same customer is back online (using the same browser as was used on their smartphone… like Google’s Chrome ) on their tablet and runs into a retargeting ad. It just so happens, the ad is of a similar product to her initial smartphone search, (how convenient!). A click is made and the customer is now back on you website. Success!

Sequentail Screening

If that customer was then to buy the furniture she desired, direct from the site, then all of her previous research can be attributed back to the initial click made on the smartphone. Hurray the system works…. But what if that customer decides they would prefer to buy from the store, after viewing the furniture first hand?

“Do I buy online or go to one of the many stores, located all over the country?”

Mobile Research

The buying process started beautifully by the customer is now interrupted by the action of leaving the site and heading to the store.

How do you track, how do you measure? How do stop that “broken journey” from breaking?

If that customer can be influenced into performing some kind of digital, in-store interaction, which is unique to that particular store; there may be a chance of mending the interrupted buying process and linking the online research to the in-store conversion.

Mobile Marketing for Business

What kind of digital interaction can take place in-store, which will allow you to make the connection? That a customer can benefit, and want to, us?!

Own The Shelf

I believe that if the customer can be enticed into making a call to action whilst actively searching and looking at products within the brick establishment via their smart phone, it could benefit not only the customer, by them being provided with relevant information around the product, but also, more importantly has the ability to connect the in-store interaction with the previous online research.

Let’s Tweet together

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Now it seems that offering there is a new way to increase the audience you have on social networking site Twitter. The BBC today released news of a Australian social media marketing company uSocial offering a unique service.

uSocial is offering companies a paid service that will find followers for users of the micro-blogging service for a fee starting at $87 (£53) for 1,000. The companies offer packages that go up to 100,000 people, a significant boost to the audience companies can market through Twitter.

uSocial will find potential followers by searching Twitter and working out what individual users are interested in. USocial will also profile where people are so it can more closely match users with feeds they might want to follow.

USocial then sends messages to potential followers telling them about the new Twitter user they might want to follow.

“It’s up to the user to follow them or not,” said Mr Hill. He added that uSocial continues to look for followers until the specified number had signed up.

“A woman who runs yoga classes is one of our clients,” he said. “So are some religious organisations including one man that just wants to get the word out about God.”

“Twitter started as a way for just friends to keep in touch,” said Mr Hill. “As with any social media site once they get big, every business or marketer jumps on the bandwagon.”

The estimates value put on a follower on Twitter is 10 cents a month for a company that gets a user to sign up. The money would be made from adverts and sales on websites that followers click through to.

WordPress Security Update

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Just to give a quick update to fellow bloggers hosting wordpress blog software, an urgent security update has been released for blogs that have registration enabled.

The security update patches a vunerability in the XML-RPC implementation which though specially crafted requests users can gain editorial rights on posts across the blog.

WordPress 2.3.3 has now been released without the aforementioned vulnerability, and also provides fixes for a number of other bugs. If users want to keep their older version of wordpress they can download the only the fixed version of xmlrpc.php from wordpress which will remove the flaw.

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