Smartphones and their influence in the buying process

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The impact of smartphones and their influence in the buying process

Ok I have been trying to overcome this problem at work, racking my brain for ideas, but nothing seems to be working! How do you join your clicks to your bricks?

I am sure there is a solution to the problem out there, somewhere? I just can’t land on it! I voice my ideas at work and talk through them but I always seem to be running into the same reoccurring issues.

For example a typical buying process:

A potential customer decides they would like to purchase some new furniture. (This would generally be a high costing purchase and will probably require a few days or even weeks of thinking about). Imagine the interest was sparked by product research on a smartphone; the customer came across an attractive product on a shopping comparison site and was directed to your website. Maybe they had a quick look but then went back to comparison site to make sure they were getting the best product for the money?

Path to Purchase

The customer has now some idea of what they may like to purchase.

The next day the same customer is back online (using the same browser as was used on their smartphone… like Google’s Chrome ) on their tablet and runs into a retargeting ad. It just so happens, the ad is of a similar product to her initial smartphone search, (how convenient!). A click is made and the customer is now back on you website. Success!

Sequentail Screening

If that customer was then to buy the furniture she desired, direct from the site, then all of her previous research can be attributed back to the initial click made on the smartphone. Hurray the system works…. But what if that customer decides they would prefer to buy from the store, after viewing the furniture first hand?

“Do I buy online or go to one of the many stores, located all over the country?”

Mobile Research

The buying process started beautifully by the customer is now interrupted by the action of leaving the site and heading to the store.

How do you track, how do you measure? How do stop that “broken journey” from breaking?

If that customer can be influenced into performing some kind of digital, in-store interaction, which is unique to that particular store; there may be a chance of mending the interrupted buying process and linking the online research to the in-store conversion.

Mobile Marketing for Business

What kind of digital interaction can take place in-store, which will allow you to make the connection? That a customer can benefit, and want to, us?!

Own The Shelf

I believe that if the customer can be enticed into making a call to action whilst actively searching and looking at products within the brick establishment via their smart phone, it could benefit not only the customer, by them being provided with relevant information around the product, but also, more importantly has the ability to connect the in-store interaction with the previous online research.

The Death of Longtail???

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A record of Google updates that suggest the search giant is actively pushing users away from long tail searches. As long suspected these queries are harder monetise. By driving more users to generic queries it inevitably increases the cost for advertisers on Google’s proven ad platform.

How Google Killed the Longtail Infographic.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

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The importance of customer service certainly cannot be underestimated, particularly in modern times. Gone are the days that customers were merely satisfied paying for a good product; the modern consumer is interested in the whole package the company provide – a large ingredient of which is good levels of customer service. Building a strong brand image is crucial to a company in order to encourage repeat custom and encourage customers to share their experience with their friends, relatives and peers.

Word-of-mouth is surely the most trusted source of information when a consumer makes their decision about the company that is right for them as it is information that has usually come directly from someone they know and trust who has had first-hand experience with the company. The main factor that will put off a potential new customer from spending their hard earned money with an untried company is the fear that they will provide a poor service and will let them down. Some consumers may be willing to take the gamble but most will choose not to without some form of assurances and in today’s age this will often come in the form of a review website. They may not know the person providing the review but they can rest assured that for the most part they will be impartial and a company with a strong level of positive customer feedback can convince the modern day shopper to put his faith in the company.

The importance of good customer service has been highlighted by the success of programs such as Watchdog, which are entirely based around the quality of customer service. Coupled with this we have witnessed an explosion in online based customer review sites over the past 12 months sprouting sites such as TrustPilot, whose sole business model involves collating customer service reviews from companies across a wide range of verticals – from Furniture Reviews to Money Reviews to Public Service Reviews. Moving away from the traditional product review model, one only has to look at the influence a sites such as TrustPilot and Money Saving Expert have to see the impact customer service review sites are having in the purchase cycle of consumers.

Overall, customer service is one of the most significant ingredients of the marketing mix for products and services. Great customer care is fundamental to building customer loyalty. No customers means no sales, and ultimately no business. Good service it seems has surpassed good product, or at the very least is as equally important to consumers.

Service Interuption

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Claim Compensation After a Motorbike Accident

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Statistically, the main cause of death in motorcycle accidents is to bikers’ vital organs. Access Legal News.

Riders involved in motorbike accidents are 40 times more likely to be killed or injured than car drivers or passengers.

The recent introduction of the airbag jacket aims to protect bikers’ vital organs, neck and spine, over and above the level a normal jacket would.

Most bike accidents end with motorcyclist and motorbike parting company, with the rider making their own way down the street.

So it was decided that an effective airbag had to be mounted on the rider, not the motorcycle.   The aim is to cushion the initial blow when the rider hits the road and to continue to offer protection as the rider continues to make contact with the road, which can be for some time. See this video for a demonstration of the airbag jacket in action

80% of motorbike accidents are caused by the negligence of someone else and riders can consider making a claim for compensation for personal injury or loss.

Access Legal are lawyers who have a specialist motorbike accident claims team that can give advice about collecting evidence and making a claim for compensation and help bikers recover damages from third parties.

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