I am the 24 year old author of The Shelf. I am a Spurs fan from South West England, and I have posted blogs on The Shelf regularly since it launched in January 2007.

Why The Shelf?
For those of you who don’t know The Shelf is the name of the middle tier of the East stand of white heart lane, and as an avid Spurs fan is my preferred area of the ground to watch home matches of Tottenham Hotspur. Amongst the singing, The Shelf is where the atmosphere of White Heart Lane is generated and the influence that the fans in this area of the ground can have on a game is astounding. It is this philosophy I wish to adopt in The Shelf blog.

Is The Shelf a football blog?
The Shelf is by no means about football and The Shelf was in fact started with the intention of discussing the latest technology news and press releases on the web. As my interest in blogging grew so did the range of topics I wished to write about, and currently The Shelf contains blog posts on everything from Travel to health and fitness to Finance. Of course technology and the interwebs remains a focal point of posts on The Shelf, but whatever I write about I intend to put the same passion and enthusiasm in as I would watching Tottenham Hotspur from The Shelf.

Have a story?
If you have any stories you think would be suited to The Shelf then please feel free to E mail them to me at The Shelf, or alternatively you can comment on existing posts that you may agree/ disagree with.

If you would like to link to The Shelf for any reference than by all means do so, but I would request if any content is taken directly from The Shelf blog posts that you acknowledge it with a link where ever used.