Television Advertising in 2012

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During the new year the battle for business between the major retailers often proves to be a fascinating one. The major weapon of choice is the Television advertising campaign; the return on investment can very rarely be beaten, and it is the most direct way to reach the largest audience possible at a time when shopping is at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts. Here’s a good example from a popular furniture retailer

The popularity of the television “talent shows” has also increased the significance of this. It is now the status quo for these shows to run during the build up to Christmas, and programmes such as the X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing can, at their peak, draw in audiences approaching 20million – which is almost a third of the population in the UK. The X-factor in particular is a key target for companies with a substantial marketing budget; screened on ITV, the viewer can expect to see more than half an hour of adverts during the course of an average show. The cost to place your advert in these slots is phenomenal – but so is the potential return on investment.

Yeo Valley are a good example of a company that executed their television advert to perfection. Rather than advertise at regular intervals throughout the year, they chose to invest the majority of their budget in one major campaign – which appears to have paid dividends. After the first showing of this years “boy band” campaign, Yeo Valley became the number one worldwide trending topic on the hugely popular social network site Twitter. The video was viewed on YouTube over 100,000 times within just a few hours, and the “single” of the song appeared in the iTunes top 40. Likewise, John Lewis invested heavily in their annual Christmas campaign which once again attracted a huge amount of attention and adoration. Just a few weeks before Christmas the company had reported a fall in profits, and yet just a few weeks later the company are reporting an increase in like-for-like sales of 6.2% compared on the previous year.

Of course, not all campaigns will have this level of impact and some won’t even have any impact at all. It’s not enough to just churn out a Television campaign – it needs to be done effectively. However, it creates a fascinating battle for buyers’ attention between the big players, and can prove to be the tool that will “make or break” what is the most important sales period of the year in business.


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