Claim Compensation After a Motorbike Accident

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Statistically, the main cause of death in motorcycle accidents is to bikers’ vital organs. Access Legal News.

Riders involved in motorbike accidents are 40 times more likely to be killed or injured than car drivers or passengers.

The recent introduction of the airbag jacket aims to protect bikers’ vital organs, neck and spine, over and above the level a normal jacket would.

Most bike accidents end with motorcyclist and motorbike parting company, with the rider making their own way down the street.

So it was decided that an effective airbag had to be mounted on the rider, not the motorcycle.   The aim is to cushion the initial blow when the rider hits the road and to continue to offer protection as the rider continues to make contact with the road, which can be for some time. See this video for a demonstration of the airbag jacket in action

80% of motorbike accidents are caused by the negligence of someone else and riders can consider making a claim for compensation for personal injury or loss.

Access Legal are lawyers who have a specialist motorbike accident claims team that can give advice about collecting evidence and making a claim for compensation and help bikers recover damages from third parties.


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