Dubai Flights of Fancy – Dunes, Balloons and Skid Marks

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Flights to Dubai Desert Experiences

Bonkers Dubai is like no other city on earth. Sprouting from the desert, it boasts the tallest, biggest, fastest and largest of just about everything – flashy.

Dubai is fast becoming a popular destination for travellers – both Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airport are major international hubs – and holiday makeres who find cheap flights to Dubai allow them to explore this crazy town

Float above Dubai in a hot air balloon

If you start to feel blasé about Dubai’s extraordinary architecture, it could be time to escape the city and see the dramatic desert landscapes that surround it. One of the most exciting ways to see the desert is to take a sunrise trip in a hot air balloon. The tropical cityscape lies in one direction, and the rugged Hajj mountains in the other, with desert stretching as far as the eye can see.

Bash some dunes

If heights aren’t your thing and hot air ballooning is out, give dune bashing a try. This desert safari experience involves riding the sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle, often with other activities included in the package, such as a camel ride, an evening barbecue, and belly dancing performances. There are heaps of tour companies in Dubai offering dune bashing safaris, so they’re easy to arrange for individuals or groups. Not for those who get car sick easily!

Live your Formula 1 racing dream

If you’ve ever played the latest Xbox 360 and PS3 games and dreamed of climbing into a F1-style single seater, and getting strapped in to drive on a race track, get yourself down to  Dubai Autodrome’s Race & Drive Centre. Wings, slick racing tyres and the roar of 180 BHP: you get to drive a high performance racing car and learn advanced driving techniques from an experienced instructor who acts as your co-driver. Fast and fun.


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