Educational Toys and Charity Christmas Cards

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Charity Christmas Cards

Christmas shopping has begun early for the Shelf the aim is to have all cards and presents ready to send the moment there is a window of postal opportunity. This years cards shall be selected from the wonderful charity christmas cards offered by organisations who hope to provide relief natural disasters around the world.

Educational Toys

It may just be that I’m in a particularly bad mood, having been into the toy department of a noted High Street chain store (are we allowed to mention brand names?) to find shelves labelled ‘Boys’ Toys’ and ‘Girls’ Toys’, where the boys’ toys were Lego, dig-your-own-dinosaur kits and generally anything constructive, educational or interesting, while the girls’ toys were, without exception, pink and sparkly, and were concerned with personal appearance and/or celebrity, but I find this actually offensive (it’s tomorrow, and I’m still cross).

Open a savings account with Fish Bank

One marvelous educational toy to get both boys and girls learning about money is the Fish Bank – a perfect way to get the kids to start a savings account

Quirky and interactive, fish bank creatively rewards your saving with cool animations each time you deposit a coin. Able to recognise all sterling coins, it automatically keeps track of the total amount of money deposited and you can even set a savings account goal to reach so when the goal is met there is a payoff.

Charity Gifts for Children?

The popularity of charity gifts may encourage you to choose something for a child.  With the bes intentions at heart we would warn to tread carefully.

I don’t think a present of a goat for a child as a present at all. As for myself I certainly would not appreciate getting a goat. Am I the only one who feels this way – or have I missed the point?


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