Model Dresses Get a Dressing Down

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Following our discussion about food hampers for gifts to aid agencies we thought that a quick look at the changes in dress size would be revealing -

Dresses for models wont suit everyone

During the research it became apparant that dresses modeled in today’s fashion shows are unlikely to reach the high streets as they are designed with classic model figures in mind – giving rise to the debate about how a model looks and dresses.

Its true, current trends in fashion & the media in general encourage eating disorders and cause people to be unhappy with their bodies.

However it also true that more people suffer complications & death due to a poor diet & obesity than due to anorexia & bulemia.

Hold the fashion industry to answer for its crimes by all means, but lets not lose sight of the fact that its eating too much which is really doing the damage.

Most people object to unhealthy models, I don’t think you’ll find a huge amount of people who are saying thin people should be replaced by fat people on catwalks. Just that the models should be healthy, as much for their own sake as anyone elses.

Pouting/scowling, wafer-thin models, especially enhanced with dodgy Photoshop jobs, give the dresses they wear and air of sophistication that most cannot achieve

Then again, the excuse is that fashion isn’t about “real people” at all – it’s about designers topping each other’s efforts at outfits, and the industry wants skeletal models because they have the least impact on the shape of the clothing – especially dresses and lingerie. Society would be better off if we collectively admitted that the catwalk has limited, if any, relevance to the real world or the shapes of everyday people and accepted it as the form of performance art it is.

Personally, I think the gossip magazines’ “look at the flab!” celebrity compromise photos are more damaging, as they’re using dodgy angles or places where nearly everybody on this Earth has a little puppy fat to pretend that people on the thin side of average are “shockingly obese”. This can’t help anyone with low self-esteem who ends up reading such things and worrying about the dresses they should wear. Does nobody realise that humans have survived to this point because we’re able to store some food about our bodies in case of starvation?


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