Aid Hampers – Christmas Gifts for Those in Need

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Christmas Gifts – Aid Hampers?

As Christmas approaches once again our thoughts on the Shelf turn to gift ideas.

Rather than focus on the latest must have toys and gadget

s we thought it kind hearted to once again highlight the importance of helpful giving.

You may be considering buying a charity gift with the hope of helping those around the word in need – terrible natual disasters in Indonesia and the Phillipines have left many communities without shelter and little food.  In Kenya drought is responsible for a chronic food shortage so you could arrange to think about sending aid hampers.

Aid hampers

Christmas in the UK is associated with indulgence – far too much festive food and drink – people even arrange to give elaborate christmas hampers to friends and increasingly hampers are popular corporate gifts.

If aid agencies were on top of their game they would have Gift Aid hampers available amongst their charity gifts we think that they would attract the attention of organisations who feel they should give more to charity as both a great PR exercise and not forgeting of course that hampers bought as charity gifts can be a smart tax offsetting claim.

Depending on where the gift hamper was destined the contents could be picked to best suit the immediate needs of the region.


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