Educational Toys and Charity Christmas Cards

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Charity Christmas Cards

Christmas shopping has begun early for the Shelf the aim is to have all cards and presents ready to send the moment there is a window of postal opportunity. This years cards shall be selected from the wonderful charity christmas cards offered by organisations who hope to provide relief natural disasters around the world.

Educational Toys

It may just be that I’m in a particularly bad mood, having been into the toy department of a noted High Street chain store (are we allowed to mention brand names?) to find shelves labelled ‘Boys’ Toys’ and ‘Girls’ Toys’, where the boys’ toys were Lego, dig-your-own-dinosaur kits and generally anything constructive, educational or interesting, while the girls’ toys were, without exception, pink and sparkly, and were concerned with personal appearance and/or celebrity, but I find this actually offensive (it’s tomorrow, and I’m still cross).

Open a savings account with Fish Bank

One marvelous educational toy to get both boys and girls learning about money is the Fish Bank – a perfect way to get the kids to start a savings account

Quirky and interactive, fish bank creatively rewards your saving with cool animations each time you deposit a coin. Able to recognise all sterling coins, it automatically keeps track of the total amount of money deposited and you can even set a savings account goal to reach so when the goal is met there is a payoff.

Charity Gifts for Children?

The popularity of charity gifts may encourage you to choose something for a child.  With the bes intentions at heart we would warn to tread carefully.

I don’t think a present of a goat for a child as a present at all. As for myself I certainly would not appreciate getting a goat. Am I the only one who feels this way – or have I missed the point?

Model Dresses Get a Dressing Down

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Following our discussion about food hampers for gifts to aid agencies we thought that a quick look at the changes in dress size would be revealing -

Dresses for models wont suit everyone

During the research it became apparant that dresses modeled in today’s fashion shows are unlikely to reach the high streets as they are designed with classic model figures in mind – giving rise to the debate about how a model looks and dresses.

Its true, current trends in fashion & the media in general encourage eating disorders and cause people to be unhappy with their bodies.

However it also true that more people suffer complications & death due to a poor diet & obesity than due to anorexia & bulemia.

Hold the fashion industry to answer for its crimes by all means, but lets not lose sight of the fact that its eating too much which is really doing the damage.

Most people object to unhealthy models, I don’t think you’ll find a huge amount of people who are saying thin people should be replaced by fat people on catwalks. Just that the models should be healthy, as much for their own sake as anyone elses.

Pouting/scowling, wafer-thin models, especially enhanced with dodgy Photoshop jobs, give the dresses they wear and air of sophistication that most cannot achieve

Then again, the excuse is that fashion isn’t about “real people” at all – it’s about designers topping each other’s efforts at outfits, and the industry wants skeletal models because they have the least impact on the shape of the clothing – especially dresses and lingerie. Society would be better off if we collectively admitted that the catwalk has limited, if any, relevance to the real world or the shapes of everyday people and accepted it as the form of performance art it is.

Personally, I think the gossip magazines’ “look at the flab!” celebrity compromise photos are more damaging, as they’re using dodgy angles or places where nearly everybody on this Earth has a little puppy fat to pretend that people on the thin side of average are “shockingly obese”. This can’t help anyone with low self-esteem who ends up reading such things and worrying about the dresses they should wear. Does nobody realise that humans have survived to this point because we’re able to store some food about our bodies in case of starvation?

Aid Hampers – Christmas Gifts for Those in Need

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Christmas Gifts – Aid Hampers?

As Christmas approaches once again our thoughts on the Shelf turn to gift ideas.

Rather than focus on the latest must have toys and gadget

s we thought it kind hearted to once again highlight the importance of helpful giving.

You may be considering buying a charity gift with the hope of helping those around the word in need – terrible natual disasters in Indonesia and the Phillipines have left many communities without shelter and little food.  In Kenya drought is responsible for a chronic food shortage so you could arrange to think about sending aid hampers.

Aid hampers

Christmas in the UK is associated with indulgence – far too much festive food and drink – people even arrange to give elaborate christmas hampers to friends and increasingly hampers are popular corporate gifts.

If aid agencies were on top of their game they would have Gift Aid hampers available amongst their charity gifts we think that they would attract the attention of organisations who feel they should give more to charity as both a great PR exercise and not forgeting of course that hampers bought as charity gifts can be a smart tax offsetting claim.

Depending on where the gift hamper was destined the contents could be picked to best suit the immediate needs of the region.

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