Game On – Are they taking the PS3?

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We at the shelf don’t buy “the recession” as a reason Game On didn’t work. Games sales are still strong. It shouldn’t be a financial risk to put on a good show. I suspect that the people ultimately in charge of putting on Game On didn’t really understand the market enough to bring any confidence to the financiers. Who knows, though?

If conceived and marketed properly, a pure gaming event in the UK could be huge.

We recently looked at the pre launch hype surrounding modern warfare 2  and questioned the pricing of ps3 games and xbox 360 games.

Now we take a look at game events

A games event will never work in the UK because the people behind organising them hire Z list celebs with absolutely no idea about the inner workings of the games industry to promote these events.

Look at E3 in America, that’s how you organise a games event, or the Tokyo Game Show, or Lepzeig (spelling?)

The UK has still to latch on to the fact that to organise a games event you still have to put money behind it, not churn out some ramshackle damp squib that doesn’t garner any interest from anyone concerned in the industry, or any gaming fans alike.

Yeah, we want:

Early previews of games.
Early previews of new peripherals/technology.
Appearances and panels by the creative personalities behind the games.

Tons of demos.

Free stuff.
Tie-in media such as films and comics that are part of the games franchises.

We don’t want:

Pointless appearances by minor TV celebs who once said they played Nintendo DS Braintraining.
Assumptions that we’re all into football, fast cars and fighting.


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