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Climate Change

Climate protesters tend to talk about what they don’t want (by definition). This is not constructive. We need to address climate change in a structured fashion and that needs governments and/or some form of organisation. Anarchy in this case won’t cut the mustard. Let me give a few concrete examples.

There is much talk of the on/off nature of wind and how difficult it is to store electrical power. However, if there was the large scale adotpion of electrical vehicles then these would act as power stores, particualrly given that a car spends most of its life er… stationary. This subject is currently the focus of much study in the power indsutry and the car industry. For it to be realised will need organisation. Are the anarchists going to provide this?

In the case of Co2 already in the atmosphere, a carbon negative process called bio-char already exists. There is growing interest. To roll it out to useful places (such as Africa – where it would make a real difference to poor people) needs organisation.

Concrete solutions to some current climate change issues.

They will not be realised without government support. The people in the climate camps have a role – but in my view it is a negative role. We need solutions and soon. These come from people, but can only be implemented on a large scale by governments and or companies (i.e. capitalism). In the case of bio-char I have some very large corporations interested – since the role of these orgs it to engineer and produce low cost systems – there is no alternative to them – no other organisation has the resources or scale to do it.

So yes, whilst corporatism has caused the problem it could also provide the solution.


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