PS3 Slim Cheaper & Ready for Modern Warfare 2

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PS3 slim and a price drop?

What a surprise!

I must say though that I don’t like the look of that new PS3 model one bit. It’s gone from looking like a sexy, sleek, high end gadget to random black box under the TV. The old one had style and character. This one just looks generic.

Although it does look kind of ugly, but, in my opinion, it doesn’t look that much worse than a black Xbox 360 or the original PS2.

I guess smaller is good for the masses and price drop is a great thing that everyone has been screaming for and will reinvigorate interest in the PS3 console. So good job Sony, for playing to your hardware design strong suit.

Finally the PS3 console is at a reasonable price and is in a position to really compete with the Xbox 360. On the flip side, Microsoft are upping the price of the Arcade SKU and are taking away the HDMI cable away from their Elite bundle (while, admittedly, there is a rumour of a price cut). And then you’ve got that rather unfortunate Game Informer survey which claims that the Xbox 360 failure rate is at 54 percent – and flawed though the survey may be, it’s still a scary number to come out.

My point is, this is an instance in a very long time where Sony’s been getting the good press and Microsoft’s the one getting the sharp end of the stick, instead of the other way around. And it’s about bloody time, too.

I am kind of bummed about the lack of backwards compatibility, though. My PS2 broke half way through me playing Snake Eater and I’d really like to finish that game someday. Regardless of what others may think of it, backward comaptibility is a factor that would encourage me to buy a PS3.

Modern Warfare 2

In the meantime the debate rumbles on – which platform will give the ultimate Modern Warfare 2 experience?

The anticipation of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is reaching feverpitch already and its not out until 10th November 2009.  Bargains are widely on offer and on this price comparison site we found Modern Warfare 2 for the 360 hovering around the £40 mark for pre orders to be delivered on the relaese date.


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