UK Holiday – Take the Train, Hire a Car and Go Camping

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A while ago we discussed a driving holiday in Spain and suggested some family attractions to visit in Costa Blanca.  However with the prospect of a glorious summer in the UK we think that many people are reconsidering their holiday options.

UK Holiday

Recent reports of the stagnant economy are forcing more and more families to consider taking their summer holiday in the UK – or to give it a funky name a Staycation.  Hard up families are beginning to explore the wonders of camping and are discovering that a camping holiday can actually be a relaxing comfortable healthy experience.  For those who insist on luxury but at affordable prices glamping is all the rage – no need to buy and pack the most important items such as tents and sleeping bags – they are already waiting for you when you arrive at the site.

Many glamping resorts have opened up in the South West in the hope of attracting visitors from Europe as well as the UK.  In fact the tourist industries of Devon and Cornwall have ironically benefited from the squeeze on the economy and are expecting to attract visitors who are keen to lower their carbon footprints and enjoy the seaside and beach life that the South West is famous for.

Run to the Sun

Depending on how far you expect to travel a staycation can rack up an eye-watering fuel bill as well as wear and tear on your family car – a vist from London to St Ives is not only tiring but is close to 800 miles round trip.  Families are once again the delights of travelling by train – exploring the benefits of family railcards that simplify the cost of journies

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The beauty of glamping is the provision of all necesary camping equipment so make sure you find out what you actually only need to take to avoid duplication.

Hire a car

Without the palavar or need to pack and carry camping equipment with you an thought from the shelf is to consider using local UK car hire companies and arrange to pick up a hire car at the station when you arrive – relaxed and rested from a fast, cool comfortable train journey. A short drive to your location and you will find everyting waiting for you – a tent ready erected, decent beds and essential camping equipment.

When you think about it the average family only uses a car to make a few visits to local attractions and for shopping trips so why clock up all that mileage and gallons of fuel to simply have the occasional use of your own car.  Hiring a car makes sense.

Save money, have fun and enjoy your staycation in the UK.


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