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Charity Begins…

Why has it taken so long for charity shops to refrain from being dumping grounds?

Partly due to the drop dead gorgeous Mary Portass’ TV programmes charity shops are raising the bar in an attempt to attract both better donations and higher revenues to support their work.

Donations should be given as individual unwrapped items so at least two people can accept or politely reject items – no stuffing black sacks with tat from now on.

I notice that some charities are upping thier game online – Oxfam for example are developing an online shop for donated clothes and second hand books.  Browsing the Oxfam Unwrapped site I was particularly interested to see a range of charity gifts that go directly to those who need them most.

Charity Gifts

For example currently entire communities are threatend by Bangladesh floods which have been worse than usual – a possible effect of global warming?  Here the provision of basic items and clean water are essential to prevent growing hunger and disease from spreading now.  Looking ahead these people can be helped buy charity gifts to re-build their homes and begin to farm their own food once more.  Oxfam’s campaing to aid victims of climate change has been likened to a humanitarian aid system as a “postcode lottery on a global scale”,


I Kid You Not – Give a Goat

Charity gifts such as seeds or even a goat can make the difference between long term sustainability or disaster.

Seeds and livestock have to be reintoduced to destroyed lands – interestingly a hugely popular gift is the donation of a goat.  The beared billys can be bred for milk and occasionally meat supplies but don’t forget the fertilizing power a herd of goats can offer.

Charity shops are at at last moving forward and full marks for those crusading for change and deserve our support buy donating high quality items and not trying to haggle prices at the till!


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