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In today’s health conscious world we are always looking into our diet, systematically checking the backs of packets, calorie counting, learning about E numbers and why we eat what we do. However many of us are ignoring another strong link in our general health, a good nights sleep.

While eating smart is always a good idea we should also remember that we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping! We spend more of our life in bed then anywhere else, so comfort and support is a key factor to making sure your body feels refreshed and rested. Your sleep pattern can have a drastic effect on your mood, productivity, energy, blood pressure and stress levels; a night of sleepless tossing and turning can effect end up having a negative impact on the relationship of those around you personally and professionally.

It’s important to account the health benefits both short and long term of a great mattress, it’s one of the most important decisions you will make, so it’s worth investing your money wisely.  Buying a new mattress might seem like an expensive and hassle filled task, but if you break it down good quality double beds will end up only costing you around 10p per night each, over the average period of its lifetime.

“After 10 years, a good bed will have deteriorated by as much as 75 per cent from its new condition,” says Lisa Helmanis, author of Sleep Better Naturally . So experts recommend buying a new beds every 8 – 10 years. However our needs and preferences alter over time, too – changes in lifestyle or physical conditions also affect our bed requirements.

Not only does the mattresses orthopaedic state deteriorate over time, but there is the eventual build up of dust mites, dead skin, and general grim that will slowly build up in your mattress. These can lead to allergies and breathing difficulties. So its not recommend you purchase mattresses second hand or use hand me downs unless you just need a spare to use on occasion that is not used as the primary bed you sleep in.

Although everyone should have a good quality mattress that is not wore out, there are also minor preferences to ensuring you are comfortable and that your body feels well fitted into a firm or soft type mattress. You can buy mattresses made from foam, latex, spring, water or special air mattresses. Everyone has their own recommendations of what kind of mattress you should buy, so make sure you get the one that best fit you.

Considering how you sleep will ultimately end up affecting your physical and mental comfort all day, everyday, it’s probably the best investment you could ever make to your general health! Make sure to look after it.


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