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In these troubled times of recession, many people are losing their jobs, putting pressure on household incomes and in some cases, this subsequently leads to repossession if alternative employment is not found.

So, what can people do if they are in this situation?

Re-training is a popular choice, you might even find a new career in a recession-proof job. There are loads of adverts on the telly regarding this – driving instructor, plumber and web designer to mention but a few. With some of these places you can “earn and learn”, ie if you want a career change and are still in employment, you can study in your own time.

This is actually quite a hard thing to do and takes determination and dedication, sometimes the last thing you want to do after finishing a day job is to sit down and study for a couple of hours. It helps a lot if it is something you are interested in, and you obviously need to be capable of completing the course.

Jobs are getting harder to come by and competition is increasing for those which are available, but conversely the current situation is being seen as an opportunity by some. These people seek to spread their wings by quitting a job they don’t enjoy and either start their own business, spend more time with the family or seek a position elsewhere. Companies are looking to save money by making job cuts, so they want to keep the best staff, therefore this could create opportunities for someone with a good reputation.


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