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Sofa so Goody – No not a reference to Queen of Reality Jade, who tragically passed away but back onto the real focus of the Shelf – furniture.  Guest author Hugh Andcry reveals inside tips about sofas and their construction.

Furniture Construction & Comfort


When you’re buying a new sofa, although it’s important to choose one that looks right in your living room, it’s also important to remember that it needs to be comfortable and durable. Sofas should last for about ten years, so need to be well-constructed in order to provide value for money. Here are some hints and tips to help you to find a sofa which will stand the test of time.

Sofa Frame and Springs

When choosing a new sofa, make sure that you pick one with a sturdy, well-constructed frame. Sofa frames can be made from wood or metal, but the highest quality and most durable sofa frames are made from hard wood, such as beech. Some sofa frames are made from a combination of beech and softer woods so that certain parts of them have more give, and some people may find these types of sofa more comfortable. Although they may be cheap, avoid buying sofas with frames made from low-quality materials, such as chipboard or plywood, as they won’t last as long and so won’t be cost-effective in the long term.

The frame should be glued and screwed together rather than stapled, and you should check to make sure that the frame meets or exceeds the relevant British Standards before buying a sofa.

You should also find out how any sofa that you are considering has been sprung. Ideally, you should look for a sofa that uses proper springs, rather than pre-fabricated wire coil units, and you should avoid buying sofas that use what are known as zigzag springs, as they won’t last as long.

Sofas Padding and Cushions

The type of padding and cushions used will affect how comfortable a sofa is. Look for a sofa with seat cushions which have been made from high density foam, as this will mean that your sofa will provide you with more support and will last longer. It’s also a good idea to choose a sofa that has shape-retaining foam, as this will mean that your sofa looks good and remains comfortable for longer.

If you require extra support for your back and neck, you may find that a sofa with a firmer, more upright back and high-back cushions may suit you.

Choosing Sofas – Upholstery

Sofas come in a wide range of finishes and the type of upholstery used can make a huge difference to the comfort and durability of your new sofa. A leather sofa, for example, will usually be more durable than a sofa with fabric upholstery, but leather can take time to wear in, so it may not initially be as comfortable.

Fabric, on the other hand, can be less durable than leather, and won’t provide as much support, but may feel softer. Many sofas with fabric upholstery have cushion covers that can be removed and washed, so it’s easy to keep your sofa looking in great condition, and some are made from stain-resistant materials.

Reputable online retailers usually provide information about the construction of the sofas that they sell on their websites, so check the product descriptions carefully before ordering to ensure that your new sofa will look and feel like new for as long as possible.


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