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A leading climate change organisation are promoting this year as the year to bring the issues of climate change to the forefront of international awareness.

Crucial negotiations will take place around the world throughout the year which will decide how the world tackles climate change and global warming in the future.

The call to action is “Get Involved” and for everyone to do what they can to reduce their personal contibution to climate change and reverse global warming.

We at The Shelf would like to show our support for the organisations leading the campaigns to reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.

Much has been written about air travel and cars contributing to global pollution and for fear of futher adding to the guff we won’t boil our cabbages twice – although we did see an interesting ad for eco car hire which claims that UK drivers could reduce their emissions sharing an economical car. Hire firms are already targeting the eco market so this could soon be

Here’s some less obvious suggestions to help lower your carbon foot print and show a commitment to supporting action on climate change.

Furniture from Sustainable Wood

Most Eco furniture tends to be made from the faster growing softwoods such as pine and spruce which is fine for many uses but there are sources of eco friendly hardwoods that are being managed so that tree replenishment and growth balances the use in fine wood furniture manufacture.  In addition to the renewable hardwood supply increasing another consideration is the durability and long life of oak. Consider an oak dining table and the hard wear it will get during its time in a family home.  Whereas a cheeper pine table might need replacing after a few years, with good treatment and oak table will last for a very long time.

Cool Foods

The Cool Foods Campaign raises awareness how food can affect global warming and empowers people with the resources to reduce this impact. Join the “Cool Foods” Campaign and take a bite out of climate change by changing the way you eat.

Cool Foods are part of Take a Bite a project of the small planet institute.


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