IE8 Launched as MS Market Share falls to 68%!

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In technology news, it seems that Microsoft are upping their game in the browser wars this week in an attempt to win back users.

The latest release of Microsoft’s internet explorer 8 is being marketed as the faster, easier and most secure way of accessing the web.

The Shelf believes this to be another one of Microsoft’s spin marketing campaigns, but after reading of the enhancements does see improvements in the new browser.

“We have made IE 8 the best browser for the way people really do use the web,” said Microsoft’s Amy Barzdukas.

“Microsoft needs to say these things because it continues to lose market share to Firefox, Chrome and Safari,” said Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald.

With Google’s Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser now to compete with as well as Safari for windows, it seems the competition is only growing.

Latest browser market share figures show that although IE remains the dominant browser, its market share is being chipped away at by competitors. At the end of 2008 IE market share fell below 70% to 68% for the first time, whilst Mozilla now hold over 20%.

In an interview with the BBC Ms Barzdukas said: “What we are seeing for many consumers in particular is that their computing experience is a browsing experience.

“The role of the browser has become more and more important. Our focus is on delivering the best experience possible and one that is faster, easier and more secure.”

One of the major security enhancements of IE 8 is the “InPrivate Browsing” feature. This feature means users can see and block when a third-party content provider might be tracking their activities on the Web in an effort to target advertisements.

“InPrivate Browsing” is also being touted as a major improvement which allows a user to start a browsing session during which the history of sites viewed will not be recorded.


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