Thinking about Oak Furniture: Part 2

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Last time on The Shelf we looked at how functionality has lead oak to become a popular choice for furniture in the home. Today we look at the aesthetics of oak, and how using oak in the home can provide a focal point for any room.

Obviously functionality is not the only element that is important when it comes to buying furniture. As furniture is an important aspect when decorating a home, it is vital that items are aesthetically pleasing.

Clearly an ugly piece of furniture will detract from how a room looks and even the feeling you get when you walk into a room. Oak furniture can boast both functionality and stunning natural beauty. With many rich, warm colours; oak furniture can fit with many different types of décor, both traditional and contemporary.

The natural grain and texture of the wood creates a really traditional and homely feel to oak furniture. Indeed the addition of oak wood furniture to a home can instantly give a traditional, rustic and elegant feel. A great testimony to the natural beauty of oak is that very little is needed as a finish. Often only beeswax is applied by hand in order to offer some scratch protection and to accentuate the grain of the wood.

Furthermore oak furniture actually improves with age, due to the little marks and scratches adding to the character of the wood. As oak ages it will change slightly in colour and texture and will develop its own unique patina.

Oak furniture provides both practicality and style and therefore should be considered for any situation. Its durable nature means that by investing in a piece of oak furniture you will save money in the long run as you should never need to replace it. If you want to add elegance to any room then solid oak furniture is certainly worth considering.


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