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In a return to the writing for the shelf I thought I would catch up with a few posts that I have been writing on other topics of late.

Split into a two part series and under a new category on the shelf titled “home improvement” we will be looking at various way of decorating your home, and furniture that can compliment existing home décor.

I the first part we will be looking at how oak has been used to build furniture for generations, and how its natural characteristics mean it still remains a popular choice for home furniture.

Oak has been used to build furniture since the middle ages and much of this furniture has endured the test of time. The wood is perfect for producing furniture because it marries strength, durability and practicality with natural beauty. It is therefore no wonder that oak furniture has always been an extremely popular material with which to make fabulous furniture.

Nowadays oak is used to make all types of furniture such as tables, bookcases, TV cabinets and computer tables. The functionality of oak furniture is staggering; it is robust, durable and sturdy. These qualities make oak furniture perfect for storage as it can easily handle heavy loads. Furthermore due to its durable nature, oak furniture will last for an extremely long time. Those skilled at working with oak can use techniques that will create incredibly strong pieces of furniture.

For example the use of dovetailed joints in drawers fuses the natural strength of the wood with an extremely high tensile strength in the joints, making incredibly solid drawers. Another benefit of having oak furniture is that it requires little work in order to keep it looking in perfect condition. Simply avoid getting it wet by mopping up any spillages and polish it about twice a year and the wood will stay looking as good as new for years on end. All of these properties mean that when buying quality items made of oak you can be assured that you will not have to replace them in a hurry.

In the second part of this series we look the aesthetics of oak, going beyond the functionality solid oak furniture can provide.


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