Blackberry Bold: The iPhone Killer

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In the battle for the next Smartphone The Shelf takes a look at how the iPhone 3G has pushed the RIM Blackberry, as each tries to become the default handset for salesmen and business people around the world.

With the launch of the 3G iPhone it became clear that the RIM Blackberry needed something new to pervail in this highly lucrative sector. Now, dubbed the ‘iPhone killer’, the Blackberry Bold aims to target more that just a business user, it has been designed for ordinary people, and is Research In Motion’s most ambitious attempt yet.

This new device has all the trademarks of Blackberry devices that have preceded it, but as well as that RIM has gone a step further making the Blackberry Bold the best entertainment device they have ever made.

As with the iPhone the handset comes with a camera and GPS, email, good look and usability, and web browsing and multimedia capabilities.

“The Bold has been designed with this almost entirely in mind: loading music for instance, has been made really easy – it will pull songs straight from your existing iTunes library; surfing the web is more satisfying than on other BlackBerrys, because the Bold uses the 3G mobile phone network as well as Wi-Fi to get online; and the interface has been given a makeover.”

The BlackBerry Bold does look a lot better than any of its predecessors, and it does more than the iPhone, but the design of it is still suited to the business user and not the consumer.

The iPhone 3G is however better for the consumer thanks to superb multimedia capabilities, but if future firmware updates give Apple’s iPhone the ability to edit documents on the go, it could become the business choice as well.


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