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The future of robotics could see robots taking an active role in law enforcement and the provision of social order according to predictions by AI Professor Noel Sharkey from Sheffield University.

After a two month long study of the evolution of robotics it was predicted that in the future robots that have the ability to access large amounts of data instantaneously to identify people could play an active role on UK streets.

The core prediction made focus around the computing power that could be made implemented into portable units, allowing for near instant facial recognition, body scanning for foreign objects such as weapons, and even detection of explosive substances. It is thought that these units could then be dispatched to public places, providing extra levels of security that are not currently possible.

It was also thought that any such robots would be armed, and with super human strength would be able to make arrests and break up groups with anti-social behaviour.

It was predicated that robots of this type could be in place within 30 years. It is thought that is likely to be more likely to be 60 years be enough advancements are made to replace other enforcement roles such as traffic ticketing.

At the time of robotic ticketing it is predicted that advancements will have been made enabling autonomous police cars, which would be capable of immediate number plate recognition. They could then stop cars to make arrests for a variety of misdemeanours as well as bring joyriding to an end.

Te 80 year prediction says that robots will be made from inorganic materials and have human face expressions and will patrol calmer streets armed with bionic tools. They will be able to take DNA tests and use respiration, heart rate and temperature as lie detector technologies.

“Hollywood movies and TV shows such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have been dismissed as fantastical over the years, but this report, based on existing research and current technological developments, suggests that robots will play a much bigger role in society over the next 75 years than previously anticipated.”

“These robot developments could be extremely beneficial in the protection of citizens and police in the hands of benevolent governments. But in the wrong hands, as warned in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, robot law enforcement could be a major blow to individual privacy and basic human rights.”


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