Cuil to Take on Google

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Former employees of search giant Google today launched a rival search engine called Cuil which founders claim does a better and more comprehensive job of indexing information online.

The engine is constructed to index content on the web in relation to the context surrounding to web page, and concepts driving search requests.

Needless to say that due to the shear size of Google Cuil cannot hope to match and defeat Google immediately, and many analysts believe it will struggle to put a dent in Googles 70% US market share in the long term too.

The name was conceived from the Gaelic word for Knowledge and Hazel and is pronounced ‘cool’. Results are also displayed in a magazine format with a introduction paragraph as opposed to a list format in Google with a text snippet summarising the page.

One of the corner stones in the search engines marketing strategy is that is doesn’t retain any information on what users search for, a policy of Google’s that has resulted in several high profile cases, as governments request these logs of user search data.

Already Cuil boasts to have indexed over 120 billion web pages and is claimed that is more than Google users to deliver the most relevant pages for any given search query. This is however improvable as Google has stopped publically releasing how many pages it indexes.

“The time may be right for a challenger,” said Danny Sullivan, editor in chief of Search Engine Land. Competing with Google is still a very daunting task, as Microsoft will tell you.”


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