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Fans of the iPhone were queuing up this morning to get their hands on the latest version of the iPhone , the second generation 3G equipped handset from Apple.

Customers had been advised earlier this week to pre-order their handset resulting in mobile phone operator O2 selling out four days prior to launch. This request resulted in the online O2 shop crashing with the operator having to suspend service.

Even with the site crash the operator still managed to sell out of handset, meaning late visitors were greeted with the following message:

“Due to huge demand for iPhone 3G, we’re currently out of stock online. Come back on July 10 for more information”.

O2 had said that more phones would be available from today but with demand so high shoppers had been advised to get to stores early.

Announced last month by Apple the new iPhone aims to combine a mobile phone with an iPod and an internet browser. Operating on the high speed 3G network, users can surf the internet much faster that they could with the previous iPhone.

Additionally the new 3G equipped iPhone has GPS build in, as well as push email meaning near instantaneous email is a facility it can boast. As a result this phone can handle Microsoft Exchange Email client, and calendars and address books can synchronise instantly with the handset putting the new iPhone in direct competition with PDA’s such as Palm Treos, BlackBerries and Window Mobile devices. This alone suggests that the corporate market is a clear target for Apple.

The development of 3G in the iPhone alone required a complete overhaul of the software that powers the iPhone, and Apple have stated that it will also be available for free to all existing owners of the first-generation iPhone, and to owners of the iPod touch for a small, as yet unknown, fee.

It is hoped that with the speedy 3G upgrade the second generation handset will help the iPhone shake of its luxury gadget statue and instead move into the mainstream.

The handset is also released with a much lower price tag then its predecessor, available for free on some contracts and £100 with others. The first iPhone cost £269 at launch.

The phone was not made available from July 11th on a Pay-As-You-Go tariff, estimated to be released later this year.


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