Flickr Brings User Pictures to Commercial Market

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Users of photo sharing site Flickr will now be able to make money from pictures posted online after a deal was made with Getty Images the world leading photo library.

As part of the deal Getty Images will invite Flickr users to join a social group on their website that will be co-branded with Flickr. The handpicked photos will then be sold by Getty Images with photographers earning a commission on each sale.

The deal marks the first commercial licensing deal made through the Getty Images site.

The service will remain strictly invite only, with each member having an opt in/ out clause.

The deal is said to be part of Getty Images objective to increase its level of regionally relevant content.
“Flickr’s philosophy of personal sharing and immediacy has already impacted commercial photography,” said Getty’s Andy Saunders.

He went on to add that “The new Flickr collection will expand the definition of stock photography by making it even easier for our customers to find and license imagery that works in the full range of traditional and digital media.”

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr has a customer base of around 54 million users each month hosting 2 billion pictures. In the hour of this post being written alone, over 4,000 file uploads were made, and this deal with Getty Images is seen as an way of bringing licensing expertise to customers who want to bring their images to a global customer base.

Getty Images itself is only ten years old, but has aggressively bought a range of online and offline rivals in that time, until private equity firm Hellman & Friedman for $2.4bn in February this year, bought with the intention of turning Getty Images into a global digital media operation.

Talking to the New York Times about the deal with Flickr, Getty Images said it expects that rights-managed images should earn the photographer around £75-£121, whilst non-exclusive image should earn them around £25.


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