Virgin Rapped Over Broadband Speed Claims

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I thought I would take the opportunity to post abut UK broadband speeds after I saw a an article last week that detailed how Virgin Media were forced to pull a press campaign for television and radio after a complaint by a competitor that quoted speeds were in fact inaccurate.

The ‘Hate to Wait’ campaign featured information on download times for TV shows and music tracks in relation to which broadband package users had. It was this information that was said to be misleading, because the traffic management policy implemented by Virgin Media capped downloading speeds at peak times.

It has long been a key marketing factor that Virgin Media provide broadband via a cable network offering superior broadband speeds to rivals, but with the traffic management system in place it seems this in not the case.

In a statement Virgin stated that their traffic management policy “only focused on the heaviest downloaders and uploaders”

The story pushed me to investigate further and in a recent survey of 20,000 lines to find the fastest broadband speeds in the UK by, it was 02 that came out on top, with TalkTalk broadband and Sky broadband making up the top three.

The survey also highlighted concerns raised in the Virgin Media case that customers are not always getting the speeds which are advertised.

In response to the issue of broadband speeds, Ofcom is in the process of putting together a voluntary code of conduct, which will ask ISPs to explain to customers that the further they are from the telephone exchange, the slower their speeds so hopefully we will get some clarity from credible broadband providers in the not to distant future.


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