Don’t Panic – Christmas is coming!

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Eagle eyed Pasty Muncher – an early subscriber and occasional commenter on The Shelf (we’ve still yet to answer the question he asked at the beginning of January) suggested that the Smart Pants which measured the wearers blood pressure we revealed would be an ideal Valentine gift for a lover to give the man in their lives and suggested they be re-branded ‘Smart Heart Pants’.

Valentines Day is a long way off, so too is Christmas but it has been noted on some shopping information sites that the 7th Wonder of the Shopping World – Trago Mills already has full Christmas displays on show beating their record of last year when a shelves were brimming with Christmas goodies well before the schools returned after the summer holidays.

Every year chaps are forced into panic buying Christmas presents at the last minute and every year our other (and often considerably better) half’s smugly remind us how they had completed the present buying task way back in October. So it is time to make early preparations.

A couple of items caught my eye on a price comparison site which I think may be ideal gifts – who could not feel the pride whilst wearing a Spurs shirt signed by Gazza or at very least appreciate slipping into bed under a stylish Spurs emblazoned luxury duvet cover?

They say Christmas gets earlier every year but I, like The Wizard, wish it could be Christmas every day.


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