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Social networking site and regular feature of The Shelf Facebook.com is due to have a face lift four years after it was first launched.

Having grown rapidly in popularity since its launch with a vast expanse in the number of applications available on the site, for those who adopt each and every new tool into their profile Facebook has itself changed from a simple user friendly interface into an un-navigable mess.

A result solely of its explosion in popularity over the four years it has been live, the amalgamation of endless applications on user profiles has recently be touted as a reason many have been switched off from the site.

Currently there are over 25,000 different pieces of software available ranging from dating games to music players and time-wasting quizzes.

The facelift plans are due to include several tabbed section that will effectively hide all the ‘super wall posts’ and silly gifts that users can send to each other, often resulting in an cluttered interface more associated with rivals MySpace than Facebook.

That roll out of the new design is planned for next month and Facebook has been consulting users over its plans. 85,000 Facebook users around the world have been able to comment on new features as they are proposed.

Screen shot of plans from BBC Facebook redesign

Facebook currently leads the social network market in the UK with 8.9 million members according to Nielsen Online, but a significant proportion of these are threatening to leave if it become a victim of over commercialisation. A delicate balance is needed between the traditional clean interface users expect and the third party add-ons that have driven its vast growth.


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