Wii Celebrates 200 Titles with Launch of Retro C64 Channel

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This week has seen the Nintendo Wii reach an important milestone in establishing itself as a console that can compete with more established brands that are responsible for the likes of the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

This week Nintendo released the 200th title for Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, and as part of the celebrations is releasing a sequence of revamped titles not seen since the days of the Commodore 64.

Originally promised back in February ‘International Karate’ and ‘Uridium’ are due to be released after Commodore teamed up with Nintendo of Europe to launch the games that were integral in the revolution of computer gaming.

Released on the new C64 channel Nintendo have said there will be plenty of updates following these initial two titles, so retro gaming fans can be sure to experience more Commodore nostalgia soon.

A little closer to the modern day ‘Cruis’n USA’ is also to be released a game which was originally released in 1998 on the N64.

Each of these commodore 64 titles will cost 500 Wii points which is the equivalent of around £3.50, whilst the N64 title will cost 1000 Wii points.

To get some heads up on extra Commodore titles that could soon feature I have found a link to some Commodore 64 Classics. Enjoy!


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