Xbox Price Drop Puts Pre-Easter Sales Up 36%

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In the latest news in the battle of next generation consoles, Microsoft has announced that thanks to its price drop it has recorded a 36% increase in sales of its Xbox 360 games console.

In the same healthy pre-Easter period, Sony’s Playstation 3 also recorded 6% rise in sales, but it seems that the price drop has given the Xbox 360 hardware the biggest boost.

Since the price drop came into effect on the 14th March, making the entry level Xbox 360 available for as little as £159.99, ChartTtrack told MVC that sales in Xbox 360 consoles were up 36%. Other models saw around £40 knocked off their retail price.

In the same period it seems that the Playstation 3 was the only other console to buck the trend, with consumers opting out of buying hardware, with every other games console recording sales drops. Software sales also dropped in the same period after the release of big titles such as Army Of Two and Bully last week were said to have tempted gamers out to the shops early.

However impressive this pre-Easter jump, Microsoft couldn’t get anywhere near the 260% rise in Xbox sales seen in after price cuts in August 2007.

“We need to wait two or three more weeks to see if the 360 sales surge will carry on,” Bloch sated.

He continued “I would predict that it will increase again over the Easter period. It’s a bit of an odd year for the industry – Easter is early, and doesn’t coincide with the end of Q1 – when publishers traditionally release very big games – like it usually does.”

With news elsewhere stating that Chinese firm OEM has just sealed a contract to build 500,000 Xbox units a month, the same company making the PS3 unit, it may well be part of Microsoft’s long term aims to under cut the PS3 whilst ensuring supplies remain plentiful.


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