Brain Controlled Neuro-Headset Set : Gaming Revolution

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I read an article today which demonstrated the latest development in gaming technology, a device which allows gamers to interact with virtual worlds using only their thoughts and emotions. The technology is called a neuro-headset and interprets the interaction of neutrons in the brain, and is due to go on sale in the latter part of 2008.

In the past year gamers have already seen the Nintendo Wii expand the market for gamers with the introduction of a motion control interface, but the neuro-headset is an even bigger leap forward, the prospect of which is sure to get gamers foaming in anticipation of its release.

Designed by Emotive, the neuro-headset is able to identify over 30 different emotions, expressions and actions.

“It picks up electrical activity from the brain and sends wireless signals to a computer” said Emotiv’s president Tan Le.

In this technology Emotiv has successfully created a brain computer interface, a technology with the capability of reading electrical impulses and translating them into commands that a computer game can interpret.

Beyond the gaming industry and the idea of controlling characters in virtual environments through only brain activity, many are excited about the wide range of applications a technology such as this could have.

Brain computer interface based technology will no doubt play an important component in the future 3D internet as well as the future of virtual communication, and as the technology develops it may well be possible to shape music and atmosphere around the emotions of the individual users across a platform of different media.

With limited news released, The Shelf will be sure to follow this story up as it unfolds.


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