Orange and T-Mobile Launch Mobile TV Service

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Plans of a joint pilot project between mobile operators Orange and T-Mobile have been announced that will provide a multi-channel TV service to mobile users in the west London area in late 2008.

The pilot service will be broadcast using NextWave Wireless UMTS MBMS based TDtv solution, meaning a mobile handset with TDtv technology will be required. Equipped handsets will be able to receive up to 24 channels of high resolution TV as well as 10 digital radio stations.

The pilot scheme will demonstrate how the cost of providing high quality mass market mobile TV and multimedia broadcast services can be significantly when mobile operators share widely-available unpaired 3G spectrum and a standards-based TDtv broadcast network.

Such unpaired 3G spectrums are available in over 50 other countries, and so will demonstrate an innovative model that can be easily replicated. It also hopes to prove there is a demand from mobile customers for such services.

The channels that are expected to be included in the line up are thought to include the most popular broadcast channels in the UK.

Orange and T-Mobile are two of the operators that currently have mobile TV offerings in the UK, but that is currently restricted to low resolution streamed content.

“The results from the technical trial of TDtv in Bristol last year were extremely encouraging, and this joint pilot of the service in London is an excellent opportunity for us to properly explore the great potential available to our customers from the technology,” said Orange’s product and innovation director, Paul Jevons, on Tuesday.


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