Yahoo Secures Deal to Serve Ads to T-Mobile Handsets

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Mobile phone operator T-Mobile has recently announced plans with internet search provider Yahoo to place adverts onto its Web’n’walk mobile internet service, with the first adverts expected to be served before the third quarter of the year.

Mobile internet advertising has grown rapidly in recent years and Yahoo has been taking aggressive steps to sell and manage adverts, possibly making amends for the setbacks seen in its core web search and advertising business against competitors such as Google.

Yahoo also secured a similar deal with Vodafone in November 2006, and this deal with T-Mobile secure two of the big four networks in the UK.

The Web’n’walk service from T-Mobile allows users to have unlimited browsing and email facilities on their mobile handsets, with a contracted minutes and text allowance.

What Yahoo intends to do as part of the agreement is implement banner advertising through the internet onto Web’n’walk mobile handsets. The adverts served as part of the agreement will be exclusively sold and served by Yahoo.

The agreement is part of Yahoos plans to bring the ‘rich web experience’ it provides online, to the mobile handset. Other initiatives for enhancing web content on wireless devices include a mobile widget program aimed at bringing in more content and Web applications from third parties.

Yahoo is hoping by adding mobile adverts to its offerings it will be able to secure a larger stake of the whole internet based advertising market.

“Advertisers are fast recognising the value of mobile advertising as a core part of their digital campaigns.” – Yahoo’s Geraldine Wilson

Mobile deals are not restricted to advertising either for Yahoo, and dubbed the ‘portal king’ Yahoo has also signed agreements with wireless carriers in Europe, South America and Asia to make its OneSearch the default home page for subscribers who surf using a handset.

Yahoo does not currently have exclusive advertising or content partnerships with any wireless carrier in the United States, but the company has been working actively with all major providers to stake a claim in the US market.


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