Bebo signs API deal with Facebook

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Social networking site Bebo yesterday announced plans to link up with rival Facebook that will allow software developers to create applications that can be used across both sites. With nearly 100 million the move will provide developers with the opportunity to develop compatible features for both networks.

Recently The Shelf documented plans from Google to create Open Social, a similar cross network development strategy for which a number of big social networking sites signed up for, excluding Facebook. Open Social was supported by Myspace which alone has 110 million users.

Facebook had huge success after first opening up its network to developers, and now within a few hours the same application could be run on Bebo. Since Facebook started to allow third party applications six months ago thousands of applications have been developed for the social networking site.

As part of the deal however Bebo profiles will not be able to link directly to Facebook users, a step that acknowledges both Facebook and Bebo audiences use each social network for differing purposes.

“We think people use social networks for different things: Facebook is a great social utility, whereas you use Bebo to share media and entertainment.”

Bebo is part of the Open Social alliance as well and is the only network to complete deals that cross both alliances. The interaction of both APIs will be live by early 2008.


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