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I read a nice post the other day that detailed the top 50 websites ranked by unique visitors in September 2007. Interesting enough five of the top ten gainers throughout September 2007 were content sharing sites Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia and Digg.

As it has been mentioned in a series of articles on The Shelf, a special note goes to Facebook whose traffic increased by 14.6 million visits placing it the 22nd most popular site on unique visits. In the same period Myspace traffic also increased by 10.2 million visits placing the social network site in sixth spot, but the growth of Facebook will certainly challenge its position as the most popular social networking site in the future. Interestingly Facebook visitors on average spend twice as long on the site as their Facebook counterparts as well.

AdultFriendFinder has also shown signs of continued growth with nearly 24 million unique visitors, an increase of 8.8M this year putting it in 22nd place. In a similar sector Fling has started to catch up quickly gaining a whopping 17.4 million visitors in the past 12 months to reach 18.7 million unique visitors in September and lying in 31st place.

Another mention should go to Digg, the social bookmarking site whose growth surpassed that of Facebook and recorded the fifth largest growth rate of unique visitors, ahead of Google.

Reduced unique visits were recorded to only eight of the existing top 50 domains with Amazon controlled IMDB and Amazon itself among the losers. These sites were the 40th and 12th most visited sites respectively. In a similar vein Microsoft recorded a reduction in unique visits to both and, 39th and 4th, although this traffic can be reflected in the increased 10.2 million visitors to which moved up to the 5th most visited site.
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For the complete list of top 50 sites see The Shelf Referrences


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