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I’m interested in peoples opinions on the new look The Shelf is sporting. The makeover came as a result of wordpress releasing an update, version 2.3.1 which came with fixes for over twenty bugs, on the 26th October.

As regular readers of The Shelf may know, there have been some problems with people hacking my hosting account and as a result The Shelf has had some down time. Whether this due to The Shelf using an older version of WordPress (1.5 ish), or vulnerabilities through scripting errors elsewhere on the account I don’t know. Whatever the case a spring clean was long overdue, and the release of this upgrade provided the perfect chance to do so.

Upgrading WordPress was previously something that I had put off for as long as possible due to problems that I had with my first upgrade back in January 2007. I made things worse by not making a back up of The Shelf as recommended prior to upgrade and as a result my blog was off line for some time. The hacking of my account kicked me into gear and I now ensure all add on scripts are kept fully up to date.

Touch wood I have had no problems since I have upgrade on a regular basis, and as long as you are careful with the wp-content folder and wp-config.php file, you should be able to upgrade fairly easily too.

At the same time as upgrading wordpress and mid spring-clean, I also decided to find a wordpress 2.3 compatible theme. The previous theme had been in place since the blog originated, chosen because it looked pretty more than anything, but it did return several JavaScript scripting errors when rendering in various browsers. My patience wore thin seeing these errors and I decided the time had come for a new cleaner theme, and what better time to do it. Of course headline picture of the San Fransisco Bay Bridge had to be kept and so the chosen theme was modified slightly.

Let me know what you think of the results :)

Notes on upgrading wordpess

  • To upgrade wordpress upload the latest version of wordpress to your hosting provider.
  • Copy the contents of wp-contents across on top of your existing wordpress files. Copy the contents of folders within wp-contents such as themes across separately, copying folder contents, avoiding overwriting the actual folders themselves.
  • The remaining folders and files (bar wp-config.php) can just be copied over the existing wordpress files.
  • Then upgrade your databases by visiting
  • Job Done.

    WordPress easy upgrade & Extended upgrade instructions are available.


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