Skype Phone on 3 Network

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Today news broke about mobile phone network 3′s plans to release the first handset which enables mobile users to use Skype. The handset will allow users to make free calls and send texts over VOIP, but at the same time as working as a normal mobile phone.

Skype is an encrypted internet telephony system that allows for the exchange of files, and with over 9 million members is used throughout homes and offices across the country. Based on peer to peer technology Skype allows users to make calls to landlines or mobile phones for a few pence a minute from their computers.

The Skype phone mobilises this Skype technology, and although phone software is available for download, this easy to use handset should be popular among Skype users. The Skype phone will be available free of charge with monthly contract subscriptions and available for £49.99 to pay as you go customers. The mobile handset will provide 4,000 free minutes and 10,000 text messages a month free of charge.

Users will automatically be logged into internet telephony accessible via one click of the Skype button, and the VOIP contacts list will also be integrated with the normal mobile phone book too.

The Skype phone also comes with a 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth, an expandable micro SD card slot and weighs only 85g. The phone will be available from Skype and 3 shops from 2nd November.


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