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Like so many people my home was in a continuous state of redecorating whilst growing up. Thanks to the the trend of home improvement programs on television you could be assured that at least one room in the house was having a facelift at any one time.

Now I find myself setting up home and the mantle seems to have somewhat been passed onto me in my quest to get the most out of my current one bedroom flat. Unfortunately we have a converted flat from a large old Victorian terrace house. The advantages of the high ceiling and large rooms are great, unfortunately they have added a bathroom where there hadn’t previously been one making it a bit cozy to say the least.

As such the bathroom was my first point of call when redecorating. I found a good website in Trueshopping that proved a good starting point for my bathroom redecoration. With a range of bathroom accessories and Bathroom Suites it was easy to find parts that fitted into an unconventionally shaped bathroom which helped relieve some of the stress of redecorating.

With the bathroom now complete, next up is the kitchen.


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