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I came across a nice article that interested me today which detailed plans for towns to adopt driverless Cybercar routes to ease both congestion and pollution in towns.

Instead of a driver, Cybercars as they have been dubbed, are controlled by computers utilising laser technology to navigate obstacles and other cars. The laser guided cars can drive within .5 of a second of each other, a quarter of the recommended two seconds, meaning four times as many Cybercars could fit on the roads. This would combat the increasing congestion in towns, and no doubt create a cleaner, safer environment.

The Cybercar concept is ideally suited for town driving as they are designed for short trips at low speeds in urban environments. Cybercars need only a light track to operate and are fairy easy to implement, meaning that they could be suited for the school run or even short commuter trips into work.

These Cybercars which could be called by pressing a button at any one point on the route, and would go directly to their destination relieving the grievance of passengers on current commuter routes.

A similar concept is already being developed at Heathrow airport to shuttle passengers to and from terminal buildings. The first town to adopt the concept could be Daventry, where already a test track is in use so that the results can be evaluated. The scheme was put in place as part of the local councils investigation into ways to increase the use of public transport and reduce reliance on cars.

Whether the scheme goes ahead or not I think is great to see local councils looking for alternatives to existing commuting lines in order to reduce the reliance on cars in town centres. This will no doubt create a safer and cleaner environment within towns such as Daventry.


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