Facebook Leads Social Networking

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Yesterday news broke that Facebook has overtaken Myspace as the most popular social networking website with 6.5 million unique visitors in the UK recorded in August 2007. Launched originally as a US college social networking site, Facebook went live outside of the US a little over a year ago, and was founded as an social networking site solely for American colleges.

Although other popular social networking sites such as Bebo and Myspace have also showed similar growth rates Facebook currently tops the tree with over 200,000 more visits than Myspace and dwarfs Bebo’s 4.5million visitors. Together these three sites attract a larger share of user’s time than all other social networking sites combined, and account for a fifth of the UK web population.

Surprisingly however neither of the aforementioned sites recorded the biggest growth rate of UK social networking sites. That accolade goes to PerfSpot, which recorded a 756% growth rate amongst it unique music loving audience.

Although the user bases are relatively small compared with longer established social networking sites, the fastest growing sites in this sector are those that are being developed to cater for niche audiences. Specialising in such topics as travel, business and music the growth rates of these sites demonstrate how even in its infancy, social networking is changing, and what we can expect from the future of social networking on the web.


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