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As demonstrated in previous posts on The Shelf I am always on the look out for new media players that come to the market. That being said, I recently stumbled across the new iAudio 7 multi-function MP3 player from Cowon and was impressed with what it had to offer.

Marketed as the ‘Extreme MP3P –iAudi0 7’ I was interested to find out what made this MP3 player so ‘Extreme’ in a fiercely competitive market, so I done some investigating and compiled some of my thoughts.

Having looked at a range of MP3 players in the past it seems that the two golden qualities of a successful model are the time of playback capability provided by the devices battery, and the storage capacity. Other attributes of portable music players merely act as additional extras that often highjack customers, but these fundamental capabilities provide the foundations of any model and as such are the first things I look at. After all a portable media device needs to be playable for as long as possible without a mains electrical supply in order to remain ‘portable’, and the diversity of content within the player is parallel to the capacity options available.

With the iAudio 7 player these features were competitive with other players around, and so provide a good foundation for the range of additional extras on offer. The iAudio 7 offers 60 hours of continuous playback and comes with up to 8GB fast flash memory.

The unique selling point of the iAudio is the JetEffect facility, and with the iAudio 7 launch this now includes an enhanced EQ filter to improve the quality of stored music files and manipulate them to particular user’s tastes. This portable MP3 device also comes with touch sensitive controls and a smooth pad interface that allows users to scroll through stored media libraries.

The iAudio 7 ticks all the boxes as an MP3 player, but also takes steps towards becoming a complete multimedia player. It supports MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, FLAC and WAV formats, and with a 1.3 inch LCD display allows for video playback too, supporting additional video formats as well. One feature I liked about this device was the provision of a TV output so users can watch stored video files on a range of televisions.

Lastly the iAudio 7 allows for DAB and FM radio, along side a voice recording facility. This means it can also be used to catch favourite radio shows that it would otherwise be inconvenient to listen to, or used as a Dictaphone when at work or studying.

Some great features included within this device, and it ticks all the boxes for a high quality MP3 player. Even more impressive is the way it braches out into the market for people looking for a complete portable multimedia device.


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