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There is a TV show that I have really got into recently and I was wondering what others thought of it. The programme is Heroes and is currently shown on BBC2 on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

The show originated in the states and is about people who find out they have a range of extraordinary abilities. It is based around 11 heroes who each have different supernatural abilities ranging from reading peoples minds to painting the future to freezing time.

I must admit I was sceptical when I first watched it, the idea people flying and being invincible didn’t appeal to me. That said the programme is extremely well made and a high emphasis is put on building up credible characters. The supernatural powers act as a bit of added fun, but the story revolves around the responsibility that comes with great power.

The show is quite dark and did not live up to the comic book bill I had created for it. More than miraculous things happening time and time again, each episode of the series focuses more on how every day people cope when they find they are not quite ‘normal’.

On a more light-hearted note it also helps you revisit the childhood question, if you were a super hero, what super power you would you have? I would be interested to know your answers. They cannot be worse than a friends answer, stating proudly one night,

“If I was a superhero I would be able to see round corners!”

I am really enjoying the series, currently on series 6 (as of this week), and would thoroughly recommend it.

Robots In Disguise

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It has been a while since I last went to the cinema, and in fact this year Next with Nicolas Cage has been the only film that I have been to see. This is mainly due to the fact I don’t have the free time, coupled with an unhealthy of buying DVDs on their release date instead.

It is not that I don’t enjoy the cinema, on the contrary, but the crazy logic here is that if I save the cost a cinema ticket, I am only paying half the cost of the film when bought on DVD.

This logic was however swiftly thrown out of the window for my latest cinema outing to watch a film I had been dying to see since rumours emerged that it was to be made. As if that wasn’t enough to wet my appetite, the trailers were themselves some of the best I had ever seen. The film was of course Transformers.

Although Transformers was not the first film based on a childhood cartoon to have been released in recent years, it was the one film that had really appealed to me. The special effects themselves were reason alone to see it, but for me it was something else. As with millions of others it was the childhood nostalgia that Transformers provided that was the selling point.

Because of this it was no surprise that I loved the movie. I would revisit the cinema to watch it again given the chance, and the DVD will be purchased upon day of release too.

How much I wanted to see this particular film surprised me. I have always been an avid film fan but it made me realise first hand how clever the latest crop of cartoon film remakes has been. The making of Spiderman, X-men and the like, with their subsequent box office success, shows that these films do not only appeal to children, but already have a committed fan base in adults who themselves were brought up on the comics or cartoons that the films themselves are based upon.

It is therefore no coincidence that these types of films have ended up dominating the box office over the past decade, followed up with equally successful sequels. After all there is plenty of opportunity for sequels, being that they are based upon super hero characters in worlds where anything can happen to keep the story going.

I just hope that we are not entering the age that consists soley of sequels, where a guaranteed box office success replaces creative new film. Yes they are fun, but it just got me thinking whether the increasing presence of sequels on box office bill boards already reflects a growing lack of creativity throughout the movie industry?

Two Day Window

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Thanks to this post by Kazza back on 7th August today I caught the additional two bonus days where Orange are giving up to two pay as you go sim cards away for free for each reader. This Orange mobile offer is available between the 20th and 22nd of August.

Anyone interested should be quick!

Jurrassic coast run

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been contemplating taking part in the run. It has always been an ambition of mine to take part in the London and New York marathons. For the last two years I have been too late for registration to the London marathon, and in all honesty have not put the training in needed in the months prior to the event.

I honestly think if I was to do either of the two first it would be the New York marathon, but with work commitments the time off needed to take part in the event would would seriously dent my holiday allowance.

I have however thought about doing some more local runs of late, and none can get more local than the Jurassic coast run. Not only is it local, but the run route is a challenging one that is 10k long and stretches from Budleigh to Otterton to Crab Ledge. It goes up the river Otter and back along the Jurassic coast line.

The race costs £10 to enter, but entry should be available on the day. The event is next Sunday (26/08/2007) so lets wait and see what happens.

Next up . . . Mosow

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Toady I received confirmation for my latest planned trip. I shall be travelling to Moscow in October for a week, and whilst their will be watching England play their penultimate qualifying match for the 2008 European Football Championships.

We intend to travel on the Monday watch the midweek game and fly back on the Friday, so although the core reason for the trip is an England match, there will be time to soak up the unique atmosphere that I imagine Moscow has to offer.

For me it was the chance to visit a place that in all honesty I may never get the opportunity to visit again. I mean, for what it costs would you not prefer to travel to somewhere hot? Who in their right mind would travel with me to Russia in mid October to stay in -2 temperatures? I felt only England supporters provided answers to this. Bottom line, I felt the game provided a great excuse to visit an area of the world I have always shown a keen interest in.

The former communist state, as with many Eastern European countries has undergone such change over the past decade seeing it for myself really appealed to me. It have also recently looked into travelling to other former communist states including the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and even Romania, so when the oppertunity to travel to Moscow came up I had to take it . The trip will provide a great oppertunity to see the results of Russia’s evolution within its political and economic system from a socialist economy to state capitalism.

Defiantly a trip with a twist.

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