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On the topic of yesterdays post, I thought it worth sharing an experience I had last weekend.

Ever since my first car was purchased at the age of 17, a 1980 automatic mini for those who are interested, I have always tried to keep my car well maintained. This probably has something to do with the fact that at a young age I experienced a blow out whilst on a duel carriage way due to a bald tyre. The blow out led to the car swerving across the road several times and eventually coming to a halt in the outside lane! If it had not been for the time of day and the fact the road wasn’t too busy who knows what could then have then collided into us.

Since then I have always been more aware of the fact that when driving, all that retains your grip on the road are those four pieces of rubber. With this in mind I have been border line obsessive with the belief that it is best to keep your tyres well maintained, and properly prepped before long journeys if nothing else.

Last week tested my resolve in terms of this when on Friday morning I awoke to a flat tyre. Whether or not this was a suspected slow puncture or local clowns I did not know. Whatever the case the jack was out and the flat tyre swiftly replaced with the spare.

We were due to travel to Poole that evening and the thought crossed my mind to get the flat tyre replaced. A busy day prohibited this, well that’s my excuse, and come 5.00pm my partner and I set off on the fairly short two hour journey.

Everything was going fine, and bar a dubious mix compilation CD we missed most of the traffic and found ourselves 10 miles short of Poole in no time, when smoke was spotted bellowing from rear tyre. Another flat but luckily not a full blow out.

Upon closer inspection I saw the state of the spare tyre that had split at the rims due to what appeared to be severely worn rubber. As it was late there were no tyre repair places open and the RAC were swiftly called. The flat tyre that was replaced earlier in the day was inflated, and with a slow puncture we limped into Poole, changing the flat the following morning.

I used this as an opportunity to add to my philosophy of good tyre maintenance, and make sure the spare is also up to scratch too. :)


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