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In a follow up to the PS3 post earlier in the week, it has now been announced that Sony has developed a TV tuner pluggin for their PS3 console that turns your basic PC/ Blu-ray player/ next generation games console (as if that wasn’t enough) into a personal digital TV recorder too.

This basically means that your PS3 acts much like a Sky+ recorder and truly underlines the multimedia capabilities that one will get with a PS3. Out in the UK in early 2008, it has been named PlayTV, and with it, console owners will be able to stream recorded media over a wireless connection to PSP devices, or any other handheld media console via a USB connection.

With access to free digital channels some gamers would be forgiven sacrificing costly Sky+ packages in order to justify buying the console. I know which I would choose. Also being released is a GPS add on for the PSP unit.

For me this adds just one more way of justifying the price tag. When you look at what you actually get with the full package, buying the hardware separately with individual units would prove much more expensive. For me the only drawback is the uncertainty surrounding which next generation DVD format will dominate the movie industry, Blu-ray from Sony, or rival HD-DVD from Toshiba.


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