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I read about the US army plans to build a giant laser for use in the battlefield and it made me vision something like the fight scenes we see in Sci Fi films like Starwars.

The story reported by the BBC reported that Boeing has won a contract to begin a project that will eventually control a giant truck loaded laser beam.

The story develops to explain that the US military is funding the development of a system to accurately point and focus a laser beam onto an enemy target, which will be mounted upon a ten tonne eight wheel mobility tactical truck.

The system was conceived as a way to shoot down enemy missiles and mortars, to protect ground troops and military complexes in the field of battle.

I remember reading about another pilot programme some weeks back, where the US military funded development of a gas which was aimed to increase the sexual urges of enemy soldiers so as to distract them from fighting.

Although this gas concept it never materialised, it gets you thinking of the possible concepts that are batted around behind closed doors in the pentagon and other military research facilities that we couldn’t normally imagine. Perhaps we are not far from the day where the battlefield becomes a similar scene of the Sci Fi blockbusters we grew up on.


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