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Does anybody have any killer ideas on fundraising? Lately I have been racking my brains about ideas on how to raise extra funds for a local sports club. With grass roots sport becoming increasingly costly to participate in, local clubs have to find more and more money each year to keep going.

This year, if the sports club in question was to progress any further, additional developments would be required. This is to meet the minimum standard needed to act as a representative of that specific league.

There are of course the traditional fundraisers, bingo nights, meat draws and the like, but I am on the search for avenues the club hasn’t yet explored.

One avenue explored was the people at

I started using this website which allows you to raise funds when you shop online. Over 400 top retailers are participating in the scheme and all you have to do is use the retailer links provided on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online, and at no extra cost any good cause you choose to nominate will benefit from all your online purchases.

This service does not cost you a penny extra to use, and if you select my cause when you register they will benefit. I support: Otterton Football Club

Imagine what a difference could be made if we all started using this site to raise funds for good causes when shopping online.


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